Deb and Ken's Excellent Adventure Ch. 02

We've made it back to the room and I'm totally spent. I think someone tried to drain every last drop of cum from my balls. We undress and I fall into a deep sleep as Deb heads for the bathroom. The next thing I hear is a snap followed by another snap. I am still foggy as I awake and try to get oriented. I look around and there is my goddess. Deb is wearing a shiny black harness overbust corset trimmed with studded breast straps, decorative front buckle and studs down the sides. This fantastic eye-catching corset has a full lace back with garters attached to black latex stockings. Her arms and hands are encased in opera length gloves.

The final touch to the outfit are the rubber high heel platform boots that lace up and cover her legs to the top of her thighs. This incredible amazon woman is towering over me at just over six feet tall. She is wielding a bullwhip.

"That's some wakeup call." I say.

She's laid out my afternoon outfit, a rubber strait jacket, heavy rubber shorts with a five-snap on cod piece and rear zip, and a hood with eye coverings and mouth gag that buckle in place, and a pair of tight fitting wellington rubber boots. There are also rubber arm and leg cuffs and a collar that says "BOY TOY". I also note, there's a toy bag already packed on the bed.

Dare I ask "Where are we headed?"

She reminds me "We've been invited to spend the afternoon with Will and Brad, the two fellows we met at the pool this afternoon. I've talked with them and we have a special surprise for you, so you'd better get a move on. Put on everything except the hood and the cuffs. We'll take those with us."

My cock stirs with anticipation. "What have they been up too? What has she gotten us into?"

Deb attaches a leash to the D-ring on my collar and leads me out the door. We leave our room and head across the pool area to their room. We draw the attention of many of the people around the pool. Someone smacks my ass as I walk by.

I hear a man with a deep sexy voice say "I want some of that." Is he talking about me or does he want Deb to take control of him.

"Guess you need to join us in room 212 in about half an hour then." She replies.

We arrive and knock. I'm ordered to my knees and told not to look up or speak until I'm told. We enter as I crawl on my knees, head down as ordered.

"We're so looking forward to this afternoon and so appreciative that you brought your 'toy' with you." Someone says.

With that the hood is placed over my head. I can't speak for the gag in my mouth and I can't see anything. I am under Deb's total control and at her mercy. She yanks on the leash for me to stand and follow her. I can tell they are talking but the hood is keeping me from understanding what they are staying. My boots are removed and cuffs are buckled to my wrists and ankles. My nipples are being pinched and they become erect. Clamps are attached. The cod covering on my shorts is removed and I feel hands on my cock and balls. Clips or clamps of some kind are being applied to my balls. Someone else is tugging at the segment ring of my Prince Albert piercing.

I'm being moved and when I stop my legs are spread. I can tell they are being attached to something. My hands are then lifted and the cuffs attached. I know from past experience I have been bound to a Saint Andrews cross. I feel a leather flogger being dragged across my back. My cock jumps even with all of the clamps on my balls. The strokes begin, slow and light. The speed and the intensity pick up. My cock reacts and it's half hard. It reaches a crescendo of fast intense strikes. My back is red and hot. Hands caress me. There are four hands rubbing lightly with love. The hands are replaces with lips, kissing and licking. My cock is now fully erect and starting to drip.

The cuffs are being released from the cross. The clips are removed from my balls. I'm being lead across the room and we stop. I'm bent over. I believe it's a padded bondage bench. My knees are lifted up onto pads and I feel my ankles being cuffed. My arms are pulled forward and cuffed to the front of the bench. The rear zipper on my shorts is opened and my ass is fully exposed. I feel fingers with what must be lube beginning to probe. There is a finger probing from my left and a finger probing from my right and I know these are not Deb's fingers. Our new friends are getting me ready for something. Now four fingers, two each, probing me deeper, stretching me wider.

The fingers are gone. Something is sliding between my cheeks, probing, getting ready to enter. I have learned to push back. It enters and I know it's not flesh. I'm guessing Deb is about to perform with her strap-on. She loves to fuck me and I love for her to do it. She knows where to go, how deep to go, how fast to go. She always finds my prostate and my cock quickly begins to drip. I can't speak because of the gag but I want to yell "Fuck me baby, fuck me fast, fuck me hard, and fuck me deep." There's no need to say anything because she knows and she does. We are two that become one when we fuck. One mind, one pleasure, one release.

As she is fucking me someone is removing the gag. I don't have time to speak because as quickly as the gag is removed it is replaced by a cock, a hard cock, a nice long delicious cock. I relish sucking cock. I love the feel and the taste. I love how it grows as I make love to it with my mouth and my throat. I love causing an urgency in the man I am sucking and he takes my head in his hands and fucks my face as he fills me with cum.

I think I hear the door open and footsteps coming in. Deb pulls out of my ass and I miss her instantaneously. I feel empty but that feeling only lasts for a few seconds. Her latex cock has been replaced with the real thing. I can feel his heat, his hardness, the difference in his stroke. I feel his balls slap against my ass as he goes balls deep. I'm being fucked long, hard and deep and I'm about to be bread for the first time this afternoon.

My mouth is filled with cum and the cock leaves my mouth. Someone begins to unbuckle the eye coverings on my hood. It's Deb. I can see a bed in front of me. I can turn just a bit to tell there are at least six men in the room and two women. One of the women takes a place on the bed in front of me, her legs spread and her bald pussy gleaming with moisture in the sunlight. Deb crawls across the bed and buries her face in the woman's sex. I've seen this before. Deb is excellent at pleasing a woman with her mouth and tongue. A man then gets on the bed and buries his cock in Deb's hot moist cunt. I'm not the only one being spit-roasted this afternoon.

My view is blocked as a beautiful ebony man steps in front of me and waves a beautiful monster of a cock in front of my face. He rubs it across my rubber hood, slaps my face, teases my lips and has me stretching to try and capture his weapon between my lips. He knows I want it but he's going to make me suffer.

Someone has grabbed my hips and buried a cock in my cum-dripping ass. He's bigger and longer than the last cock, bigger than Deb's strap-on. I'm being stretched. He starts slow to give me time to adjust. He goes deep but with careful long slow strokes. I wiggle my ass and push back to let him know I'm ok and ready for more. He picks up his pace. He is deep as his balls slap my ass with each stroke. He's on fire, moving so hard and so deep that the bondage bench starts to move across the floor.

I'm lost between the two cocks. I can't focus. A hard cock pounding my throat and another pounding my ass. I am their fuck toy, to be used for their pleasure, with no purpose other than to be fucked and to receive cum from both men. They are breathing heavily and in unison. They are yelling "Fuck, fuck, fuck." And with that motion stops, two cocks erupt and fill both of my holes to overflowing.

As they pull out and move away I see things have changed on the bed. There's now a man lying on the bed with his cock in Deb's mouth and a beautiful shapely redhead with a strap-on fucking her. My cuffs are removed and I'm helped up. I move to the bed beside Deb and run my fingers through her hair as she suck cock. She looks over and smiles. She puts her hand behind my head and pulls me near. She kisses me and feeds me the cock. We take turns sharing him until he's ready. Deb takes his cock deep in her mouth as he fills it. She turns and kisses me and we share his delicious gift.

The redhead picks up her pace, deeper, faster, harder. Deb's breathing quickens. She's taken over the edge as she pushes back and fucks herself against the dildo and then collapses in my arms.

As we all regain our composure and get back into our latex we introduce ourselves. New friends, new playmates, and more good times. It turns out our gay hosts are manufacturers of BDSM furniture and are selling their products in the marketplace during the week. I was filmed as they were using me for a promotional video for their web site. Deb had agreed and signed the necessary releases while I was sleeping.

Deb and Ken's excellent adventure will continue in part 3. It's only the first day and it's not over. How much can Deb and Ken cram into one day? What will Deb do to Ken next? I hope you enjoy and will continue to follow our grand adventure.


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